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Bae Sun Kim
Mar 17, 2018

Global Teacher Prize 2018 Top 10.


Edited: Mar 17, 2018

Glenn Lee is the only American to reach the top 10 as a finalist out of 30,000 entries of the world. His parents are our Olive church members. We are so proud of him.

The results will be announced tomorrow.

please click the link below


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  • oliveumcmedia
    Mar 21, 2018

    "Stations of the Cross" writtena dn arranged by Lani Smith) - March 30, 2018 (Good Friday), 7;00pm, - at Olive UMC
  • Bae Sun Kim
    Feb 23, 2018

    어제 점심에 지역에 있는 작은 로컬 식당에서 점심을 먹었습니다. 허름한 식당이었는데, 벽에 걸려 있는 사진이 눈에 들어왔습니다. 1937년에 찍은 Wahiawa Town 사진이었습니다. 사진 속에서 지금의 장소로 이전하기 전 올리브 교회 옛 모습을 발견할 수 있었습니다. 어디에 있을까요? 한 번 찾아보시기 바랍니다~~ Yesterday I had lunch at a small local restaurant in Wahiawa. In that restaurant, I saw a picture hanging on the wall. It was a picture of Wahiawa Town taken in 1937. From the picture I was able to find the Olive UMC before moving to the current place. Where is the Olive UMC on this picture?
  • Bae Sun Kim
    Feb 17, 2018

    A celebration of Life of Alten Faletoi Funeral Service; February 11, 2018 Burial Service; February 12, 2018